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We will help you get your own FSB License and get your broker regulated to give you peace of mind and the reputation that you deserve. We can help you in South Africa and several other African countries.


Licensing and regulation is one of the hardest things and setbacks for  an individual looking to start their own brokerage. JP Prime has built up a credible reputation with various regulatory entities in Africa and abroad to assist with these requirements. We have relationships across various African countries including eSwatini (formerly Swaziland), Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, Ghana, Kenya, DRC, Lesotho and many more.

Let us help you with your licensing to make the process as quick and painless as possible. It is important to do things correctly from the start, so nothing gets in the way of your growth.

Services & Training

A big part of our services includes a complete and full guide of all training aspects to run a broker. From compliance to the most common support questions, we have years of experience and know-how which we can share with you.

Every company has teething issues, and learning how to overcome these obstacles can be time consuming and tedious. With our experience, we can offer training for you and your staff to make this process smooth and fast.

MT4 / MT5

JP Prime has various different platforms to cater for any of your specific needs. We have MT4, MT5 and various other web traders that you can use for your clients to trade on. Very soon, we will be offering C Trader as well.

Since the cost of obtaining your own platform can be high we can tailor different solutions to meet your requirements. As your client base grows we can help you increase your offering to expand your reach.

We know what works and what doesn’t. Our aim is to make you as cost effective as possible.

CRM Solutions

JP Prime also has a start-up CRM solution to get you going for your brokerage and your customers. This is done through a fixed API on your website to your CRM and MT4 platform to allow your clients to deposit, withdraw, trade and check their information.

We have built a unique CRM which gives you all the information you need to ensure your broker success. There are other CRM options available for brokers to use, ours is tailor made to be fully compliant with the FCSA regulations.

Justin Paulsen


Is the founder of JP Prime and has over 10 years experience in starting, running and expanding forex brokerd into various countries especially South Africa. He understands the dynamics of the African markets and is your ideal partner to have. Justin will be over seeing the JP Prime project, and will be involved with helping you strategise the expansion of your brokerage to help you increase your ROI.

Kurt Paulsen


As the Chief Operations Officer, Kurt runs the retail division of JP Markets and is responsible for all the systems and technology within JP Prime. Kurt has many years of experience in IT Systems and phenomenal growth in the Forex industry. He is uniquely qualified to combine the passion and technology required for this industry. From the opening of accounts to managing your employees, he builds the systems to deliver the best results and information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Shelley Du Plesis

Compliance Division

Shelley is our head of compliance and licensing department. One of the most important departments is to make sure you are working within guidelines to make sure you stay in good standing. To make the job more interesting, she has to help in nearly every aspect of the business. From marketing, to growth of the company itself. As one of the very first employees in JP Markets, Shelley helped nurture the fledgling business into the power house it is today. She is the perfect individual in your team to ensure that you meet all your compliance obligations and requirements but still have the flexibility to reach your success.

Natalie Schrieff

Finance Division

Natalie is our resident finance Guru. She is responsible for everything finance related. As you can imagine, in the Forex industry it is extremely important to have someone overlook all financial aspects of the company. Natalie's experience in the phenominal growth of JP Markets has made her an invaluable asset to the team. You will need someone on your team with a keen eye for numbers, and experience in a regulated financial industry to make sure everything runs efficiently and within guidelines.

Saad Sidat

Technology Division

Is our technology partner and is probably the most knowledgeable forex guy to have on your team. From everything related to forex whether it be platforms, MAM systems, Trade Queries or information he knows it all and is the guy to have. Oh, and he also probably knows everybody in the FX industry.

White Label:

A white label is a broker which uses another technology company to “white label” their MT4 Servers. This technology company provides pricing and hosting to the company and that get to charge a fee per trade to the white label for their services. A white label has their own branded MT4 Platform.

Please note that the vast majority of brokers are White Label brokers. You will not be required to have JP Markets links on your site. Your brand is your own brand and we will not interfere with that.

  • MT4 Setup Fee:  – $ 6000
  • MT4 Monthly Fee – $ 1000
  • Mt4 Mobile Fee – $ 750
  • CRM Costs – R 15 000 per month

We only deal with the best and our MT4 Servers are located in LD4, NY4, and TY3 which guarantee that our brokers have a secure environment for their trades to trade on with support 24 hours a day and 5 days a week.

FSP licensing: Up to 16 weeks


Own MT4 Platform

Own website

Own FSP Number

Own company

Build a brand which has value


Very costly to setup and sustain

Costs higher and include office costs, employee costs.

Require a solid database of customers to trade to meet costs.

Risk of success is much lower as the high costs increase your risk of failure.

FSCA licensing can take up to 4 months for approval.

Juristic Rep:

Our most popular offering for start-ups is our juristic rep offer. A juristic rep is where your company, E.G.  Joe Soap FX, is regulated and authorized to operate as a Forex broker but you don’t have your own FSP Number. You will become a representative underneath JP Markets and your clients will sign the customer agreement with JP Markets and deposit with JP Markets but you benefit from all the lower costing and therefore higher rebates.

FSB Requirements: 3 – 4 days

Kindly note that you must have a minimum of 250 client accounts which are ready and funded with at least $ 300 in order to become a juristic rep. Combined total value is also taken into account, therefore, a smaller number of clients but bigger account size is also considered.


Quick and easy setup

No cost requirements

Enjoy all the benefits and revenue of a broker without the costs.

No Employees or offices required.

Can use any of the JP offices throughout SA

Own company

Many of our partners start as Juristic Reps and then grow into their own MT4 White label once they have about 2000 clients. This decreases their risk and cost requirements and also gives them time to learn and understand how to run a brokerage successfully. It also benefits them to enjoy the higher rebates of this model whilst working towards their ultimate goal of a broker.


No branded MT4 Platform

Less control over operations of the trading platform

About Us

Motto: Transparency, Honesty, and Reliability

JP Prime is a specialist division of JP Markets ( FSP – 46855) which offers tier 1 Liquidity to various Forex brokers, start-up financial providers, asset managers, fund managers and platform providers in South Africa. With the lucrative industry of Forex brokerages hitting the African Market, we offer a one-stop solution to all your brokerage needs. Our unrivaled and experienced team of individuals have grown and expanded JP Markets from a start-up into the biggest broker in Africa. Boasting balance sheet growing to hundreds of millions of Rands in 2 years, we can honestly say we know what we are doing. Now, why would you not want to leverage off that achievement?

We have learned the hard lessons of what doesn’t work, and the good lessons of what does. By doing so we understand how to avoid the mistakes and will help you avoid them too. We know the methods to run a successful broker so that you don’t need to make these mistakes.

Since our focus is Africa, there are an array of benefits we can assist you with which not only reduces your costs to open and run a Forex broker in Africa, but also limit your exposure to currency risk fluctuations. We help you with everything you need to know to start, open, run and a successful brokerage and give you insights and analytics about your performance monthly to make sure you stay ahead of the competition.

We can assure you the best service, most cost-effective solutions, and unparalleled support and service to make sure you achieve the success you deserve in this industry. You focus on the clients and we will do the rest. Lets the experts do your technology and you do what you are best at.

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